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English Definitionto transform; to convert; to vary; to alternate; a transformation
Simplified Script变换
Traditional Script變換
Sample Sentences
  • ①我⑶等候⑸信号灯⑷{变换}⑩。
    I wait for the light to change.
  • ⑤现今⑴的⑷时装⑷式样⑷{变换}⑸很快⑩。
    The fashions of today change very quickly.
  • 他根据情况,变换治疗方法。
    He varies the treatment according to circumstances.
  • 变换了无线电传送的频率。
    He varied the transmission frequency.
  • 这样的晚霞颜色是不断变换的。
    A sunset like this shifts its tints every moment.
  • 变换措辞一种用其它文字重述课文的学习或教学方法
    The restatement of texts in other words as a studying or teaching device.
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