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English Definitionto have a high temperature (from illness); to have a fever
Simplified Script发烧
Traditional Script發燒
Part of Speech(形) adjective, (动宾式) verb object
Sample Sentences
  • ①你⑴没⑴{发烧}⑩。
    You don't have a fever.
  • ⑤汤姆⑴没有⑴{发烧}⑩。
    Tom doesn't have a fever.
  • 发烧满脸通红。
    Fever flushed his cheeks.
  • 我今天有点发烧
    I have a slight fever today.
  • 我感冒了还发烧
    I caught a cold, and I have a fever.
  • 我觉得你有发烧
    I think you have a fever.
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