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English Definitiondoctor
Simplified Script医师
Traditional Script醫師
Part of Speech(名) noun
Measure Words
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤{医师}⑴的⑵一生⑷奉献⑵于⑷解除⑸世人⑴的⑸疾苦⑩。
    A doctor's life is consecrated to the relief of suffering.
  • ①他⑴能够⑸康复⑵充分⑴说明⑴该⑸{医师}⑸医术⑷高超⑩。
    His recovery is a tribute to the doctors' skill.
  • 蒙台梭利,玛丽亚1870-1952意大利医师和教育家先驱,提出了强调发展儿童潜能的教育方法
    Italian physician and pioneer educator who proposed a method of teaching young children that stresses the development of initiative and natural abilities.
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