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English Definitionto surround; to encircle; to hem in
Simplified Script包围
Traditional Script包圍
Part of Speech(动) verb
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤市民们⑴进行⑵突击⑩,⑤试图⑷冲破⑶{包围}⑩。
    The citizens sallied out in an attempt to break the siege.
  • ③民兵⑴和⑶公安⑵人员⑸这时⑩(①向⑴这些⑶特务⑩)③{包围}⑴上来⑩。
    Militiaman and public security men now closed in(on the spies).
  • 部队已将该城包围
    Troops have surrounded the town.
  • 他被一大群记者包围着。
    He was surrounded by a throng of reporters.
  • 他受到各种诱惑的包围
    He was surrounded by temptations.
  • 他们出动军队包围了该城。
    They have surrounded the town with troops.
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