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English Definitionfront-line; forward position; outpost; extending ahead; frontier (of science, technology etc)
Simplified Script前沿
Traditional ScriptSame
Sample Sentences
  • ④整整⑸一夜⑵敌人⑶攻⑸打了⑸我们的⑸{前沿}⑶阵地⑩。
    The enemy attacked our foremost positions all night.
  • ①她⑴那⑸黑色⑴帽子⑴的⑸{前沿}⑸遮住⑴了⑴她⑴的⑴脸⑩,⑤使⑴他⑸看不见⑩。
    The poke of her black bonnet hide her face from him.
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