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English Definitionto make; to manufacture
Simplified Script制作
Traditional Script製作
Part of Speech(动) verb
Sample Sentences
  • ①他们⑵经⑷常用⑴糖⑶{制作}⑸焦糖⑩。
    They often use sugar to make caramel.
  • ⑤照相排版⑩(④法⑩)①通过⑴在⑶摄影⑵卷⑴上⑸投射⑸各种类型⑷符号⑴的⑸影像⑴来⑴准备⑸用于⑵印刷⑴的⑸手稿⑩,①然后⑴用⑶其⑴来⑶{制作}⑵印⑵板⑩
    The preparation of manuscript for printing by the projection of images of type characters on photographic film, which is then used to make printing plates.
  • 制作小模型要手巧。
    Making small models requires manual skill.
  • 该书已按照现代版式制作
    The book has been styled in a modern format.
  • 橡木是制作家具的好材料。
    Oak is a good type of wood for making furniture.
  • 电示图以电制作的图表或映描图
    An electrically produced graph or tracing.
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