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English Definitionbeast; animal; beastly; bestial
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Sample Sentences
  • ⑤人{兽}⑸性关系⑴人⑵与⑸{兽}⑸之间⑴的⑸性关系⑩
    Sexual relations between a human being and an animal.
  • ⑤毛皮⑩,⑤{兽}⑷皮带⑸有毛⑵或⑴发⑴的⑴动物⑴的⑵皮⑩
    The skin of an animal with the fur or hair still on it.
  • 幻儿,仔刚断奶的幼儿,离乳仔畜
    A newly weaned child or young animal.
  • 他在屋里的书堆中来回踱步,犹如笼中困
    He walked up and down the room between his books like a wild animal in a cage.
  • 原始人用尖石块和骨为自己制作原始的工具。
    Primitive man made himself primitive tools from sharp stones and animal bones.
  • 她不敢与野为伍,忘记了自己是国中的一员;自身为熊,她却对熊望而生畏。
    Often she fled from the wild beasts, forgetting that she was now a wild beast herself; and, bear as she was, was afraid of the bears.
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