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English Definitionpolitical party member
Simplified Script党员
Traditional Script黨員
Part of Speech(名) noun
Measure Words, ,
Sample Sentences
  • ②据说⑴他⑸已经成为⑴一⑵名⑵{党员}⑴了⑩。
    It is said that he has became a Party member.
  • ①她⑴是⑷缴⑩(②清⑩)①了⑸党费⑴的⑵{党员}⑩。
    She's a (fully) ,paid-up member of the party.
  • 绝大部分党员对极端分子不予理睬。
    The lunatic fringe is/are ignored by most members of the party.
  • 选举之后,该党的党员所剩无几了。
    After the election the party was reduced to a rump.
  • 党内的不满情绪将导致更多的党员脱党。
    Discontent in the party will lead to further defections.
  • 党内的新成员觉得他们被那个资深党员骗了。
    New members of the party felt they had been double-crossed by the old guard.
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