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English Definitionlight ray; light; illumination; lighting (for a photograph)
Simplified Script光线
Traditional Script光線
Part of Speech(名) noun
Measure Words,
Sample Sentences
  • ①我⑴能⑸看到⑵{光线}⑩。
    I can see the light.
  • ⑤飞蛾⑴被⑵{光线}⑵吸引⑩。
    Moths are attracted by light.
  • 树叶使光线漫射。
    The light was diffused by the leaves.
  • 拍照片光线不够亮。
    There is insufficient light to take pictures.
  • 棱镜可以分解光线
    A prism decomposes light.
  • 有足够的光线读书。
    There is enough light to read by.
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