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English Definitionto fall back; to go in reverse
Simplified Script倒退
Traditional ScriptSame
Part of Speech(动) verb
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤墨索里尼⑴一⑶伙⑸使⑸意大利⑷{倒退}⑴了⑴好⑸多年⑩。
    Mussolini and his group set back the progress of Italy many years.
  • ①我⑴希望⑷时光⑴能够⑷{倒退}⑴回去⑩,①我⑴可以⑵重新⑸去过⑸学生时代⑴的⑴生活⑩。①我⑵后悔⑶当初⑶不够⑴努力⑩,①没有⑴通过⑸更多的⑴考试⑩。
    I wish I could put the clock back and relive my schooldays; I regret not having tried harder and passed more exams.
  • 我知道火车已经停了,但我觉得火车在倒退
    I knew the train had stopped, but I had the sensation that it was moving backwards.
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