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English Definitionethics
Simplified Script伦理学
Traditional Script倫理學
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤{伦理学}⑴是⑵哲学⑴的⑴分⑵科⑩。
    Ethics is a branch of philosophy.
  • ①他⑴是⑸牛津大学⑸{伦理学}⑵教授⑩。
    He is Professor of Moral Philosophy at Oxford.
  • 自然主义伦理学的观点认为所有的现象都可以不用归于道理上的,精神上的及超自然的重要性而被解释为自然起因和法则
    The system of thought holding that all phenomena can be explained in terms of natural causes and laws without attributing moral, spiritual, or supernatural significance to them.
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