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English Definitiontrick; scheme; ploy; tactic; stratagem; gimmick; ruse; trickery; skill; also written 技俩
Simplified Script伎俩
Traditional Script伎倆
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤那是⑷卑鄙⑴的⑸{伎俩}⑩!
    That was a mean trick!
  • ④玩弄⑴那⑵套⑸{伎俩}⑴真⑸可耻⑩!
    That was a pretty low-down trick to play!
  • 这种可耻的伎俩都是为了能让他当选。
    These shameful manoeuvreswere aimed at securing his election.
  • 罗伯特惯用的伎俩是同时向两个姑娘求爱,直到其中一位发觉了并告诉了别一位。
    Robert has been up to his old tricks; he was courting two different girls at once until one of them found out and told the other one.
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