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English Definitiontriple
Simplified Script三倍
Traditional ScriptSame
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤{三倍}⑩,⑤三重⑴是⑸{三倍}⑵或⑸三重⑴的⑵性质⑵或⑵状态⑩
    The quality or condition of being triple.
  • ⑤{三倍}⑴的⑩,⑤三重⑴的⑩,①三⑸部分⑴的⑵由⑴三⑸部分⑶组成⑴的⑩,⑤三重⑴的⑩
    Composed of three parts; threefold; triple.
  • 产量已增加到三倍
    Output has tripled.
  • 他赚的比我多三倍
    He earns three times more than me.
  • 他的收入比我多三倍
    His income is three times larger than mine.
  • 他赚的钱比我多三倍
    He makes three times more money than I do.
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