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Simplified Script一节
Traditional Script一節
Sample Sentences
  • ①我⑴必须⑴买⑸{一节}⑸新的⑴干⑶电池⑴了⑩。
    I have to buy a new dry cell.
  • ①把⑵下面⑴这⑸{一节}⑴文章⑸意⑸译成⑴两⑴段⑩。
    Paraphrase the following passage into two paragraphs.
  • 一节只简单提到朝鲜战争的历史课
    A history course that only glanced at the Korean conflict.
  • 精彩片段突出演员精湛演技的一段或一节
    A piece or passage that emphasizes a performer's virtuosity.
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