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Part of Speech(名) noun, (形) adjective, (副) adverb
Sample Sentences
  • A wind from the southwest or south that brings heavy rainfall to southern Asia in the summer.
  • A city of central Arkansas southwest of Little Rock. There are bauxite deposits in the area. Population, 18,177.
  • A town of southeast Ontario west-southwest of Toronto. It is an industrial center. Population, 28,067.
  • A municipal borough of west-central England south-southwest of Stoke. It has brick, tile, and clothing industries. Population, 74,200.
  • An ancient region of southwest Palestine. Strategically located on a trade route from Egypt to Syria, the cities of the region formed a loose confederacy important in biblical times.
  • The capital and largest city of North Korea, in the southwest-central part of the country. It was an important cultural center and became capital of North Korea in1948. Population, 1,283, 000.
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