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Learn Chinese Chinese Fonts for Windows

This list is designed to help those just starting to use Chinese on English versions of Windows. Many other Chinese fonts can be found on the Internet, most with dubious or unspecified origin. Do not get too greedy and try to load too many Chinese fonts as they are large files and will use more computer resources once installed.

Source Tradi­tional Simpli­fied Univer­sal/ CJK Remarks
Viet Unicode     Han Nom A, Han Nom B Free. See Chinese Extension Fonts
Windows XP (included in OS but needs to be installed) MingLiU/ PMingLiU MS Song, Sim Hei, SimSun/ NSimSun, FZLiShu II-506T.  

Best choice for Windows XP users. Additional Japanese and Korean fonts are installed as well.

Installation instructions:

  • Click on Start-> Control Panel -> Regional Languages and Options.
  • Click on the Languages tab.
  • Check Install files for East Asian languages.
  • Click on Apply.
  • If asked, insert the Windows XP installation CD and follow remaining instructions from the computer.
Microsoft download of Input Method IME 5.02 MingLiU MS Song, MS Hei   Best choice for Windows 9X users.
Office XP     Arial Unicode MS Included with Office XP.
BitStream (ftp from Netscape archive)     CyberBit, CyberCJK  
Adobe Acrobat Reader, Asian Font Packs MSung Std Acro STSong Std Acro   Only licensed for use with Acrobat Reader
Hong Kong Supple­mentary Character Set - 2001 Ming     There's a Unicode/ ISO 10646 and a Big5 version available.
Code 2000     Code 2000 Shareware

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