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English Definitionemblem; symbol; token; badge; to symbolize; to signify; to stand for
Simplified Script象征
Traditional Script象徵
Effective Pinyin
(After Tone Sandhi)
Zhuyin (Bopomofo)ㄒㄧㄤˋ ㄓㄥ
Cantonese (Jyutping)zoeng6zing1
Part of Speech(名) noun, (形) adjective
Proficiency Test LevelHSK=5; TOP=Advanced
Word Decomposition
xiàngelephant; shape; form; appearance; to imitate
zhēngto invite; to recruit; to levy (taxes); to draft (troops); phenomenon; symptom; characteristic sign (used as proof); evidence

Related Words

Words With Same Head Word    
象棋xiàngqíChinese chess
象山xiàngshānXiangshan district of Guilin city 桂林市, Guangxi; Xiangshan county in Ningbo 宁波, Zhejiang
象州xiàngzhōuXiangzhou county in Laibin 来宾, Guangxi
象形xiàngxíngpictogram; one of the Six Methods 六书 of forming Chinese characters; Chinese character derived from a picture; sometimes called hieroglyph
象样xiàngyàngvariant of 像樣
Words With Same Tail Word    
特征tèzhēngcharacteristic; diagnostic property; distinctive feature; trait
应征yìngzhēngto apply (for a job); to reply to a job advertisement
引征yǐnzhēngquotation; citing; to cite; to reference
强征qiǎngzhēngto press into service; to impress; to commandeer
性征xìngzhēngsexual characteristic
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