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English Definitionoutcome; result; conclusion; in the end; as a result; to kill; to dispatch
See alsojiēguǒ to bear fruit
Simplified Script结果
Traditional Script結果
Effective Pinyin
(After Tone Sandhi)
Zhuyin (Bopomofo)ㄐㄧㄝˊ ㄍㄨㄛˇ
Cantonese (Jyutping)git3gwo2
Part of Speech(名) noun, (动) verb
Measure Words
Proficiency Test LevelHSK=4; TOP=Basic,Intermediate
Word Decomposition
jiéknot; sturdy; bond; to tie; to bind; to check out (of a hotel); to settle; to conclude
guǒfruit; result; resolute; indeed; if really

Related Words

Words With Same Head Word    
结束jiéshùtermination; to finish; to end; to conclude; to close
结构jiégòustructure; composition; makeup; architecture
结合jiéhéto combine; to link; to integrate; binding
结婚jiéhūnto marry; to get married
结论jiélùnconclusion; verdict; to conclude; to reach a verdict
Words With Same Tail Word    
如果rúguǒif; in case; in the event that
成果chéngguǒresult; achievement; gain; profit
效果xiàoguǒresult; effect; quality
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