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English Definitionsomething written or painted in one's own hand; (of a writer, calligrapher or painter) skill; style; hand; (fig.) style shown in spending money, handling business, etc.; scale
Simplified Script手笔
Traditional Script手筆
Effective Pinyin
(After Tone Sandhi)
Zhuyin (Bopomofo)ㄕㄡˇ ㄅㄧˇ
Cantonese (Jyutping)sau2bat1
Word Decomposition
shǒuhand; (formal) to hold; person engaged in certain types of work; person skilled in certain types of work; personal(ly); convenient; measure word for skill
pen; pencil; writing brush; to write or compose; the strokes of Chinese characters; measure word for sums of money, deals

Related Words

Words With Same Head Word    
手表shǒubiǎowrist watch
手段shǒuduànmethod; means (of doing something); strategy; trick
手术shǒushù(surgical) operation; surgery
手续shǒuxùprocedure; formalities
手套shǒutàoglove; mitten
Words With Same Tail Word    
铅笔qiānbǐ(lead) pencil
钢笔gāngbǐfountain pen
毛笔máobǐwriting brush
圆珠笔yuánzhū bǐballpoint pen
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