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English Definitionto fawn on; to flatter; to ingratiate oneself; flattery
Simplified Script奉承
Traditional ScriptSame
Effective Pinyin
(After Tone Sandhi)
Zhuyin (Bopomofo)ㄈㄥˋ ㄔㄥ˙
Cantonese (Jyutping)fung6sing4
Word Decomposition
fèngto offer (tribute); to present respectfully (to superior, ancestor, deity etc); to esteem; to revere; to believe in (a religion); to wait upon; to accept orders (from superior)
chéngto bear; to carry; to hold; to continue; to undertake; to take charge; owing to; due to; to receive; (Chinese surname); Cheng (c. 2000 BC), third of the legendary Flame Emperors 炎帝 descended from Shennong 神农 Farmer God

Related Words

Words With Same Head Word    
奉献fèngxiànto offer respectfully; to consecrate; to dedicate; to devote
奉行fèngxíngto pursue (a course, a policy)
奉养fèngyǎngto look after (elderly parents); to serve; to support
奉上fèngshàngto offer
奉公fènggōngto pursue public affairs
Words With Same Tail Word    
百般奉承bǎibān fèngchengto fawn upon somebody in every possible way
阿谀奉承ēyú fèngchengflattering and fawning (idiom); sweet-talking
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