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English Definitionto accustom
Simplified Script使习惯
Traditional Script使習慣
Pinyinshǐ xíguàn
Effective Pinyin
(After Tone Sandhi)
Zhuyin (Bopomofo)ㄕˇ ㄒㄧˊ ㄍㄨㄢˋ
Cantonese (Jyutping)si2 zaap6gwaan3
Word Decomposition
使 shǐto make; to cause; to enable; to use; to employ; to send; to instruct somebody to do something
习惯xíguànhabit; custom; usual practice; to be used to

Related Words

Words With Same Head Word    
使用shǐyòngto use; to employ; to apply; to make use of
使得shǐdeusable; workable; feasible; doable; to make; to cause
使劲shǐjìnto exert all of one's strength
使命shǐmìngmission (diplomatic or other); set task
使节shǐjié(diplomatic) envoy
Words With Same Tail Word    
坏习惯huài xíguànbad habit
看不习惯kàn bù xíguànunfamiliar
风俗习惯fēngsú xíguànfolkways; manners and customs
当地习惯dāngdì xíguànlocal custom
生活习惯shēnghuó xíguànlifestyle
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