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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Marked by or promising bad fortune.
  2. Having or bringing misfortune.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
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不吉利bùjí lìominous
不祥bùxiángominous; inauspicious
不幸bùxìngmisfortune; adversity; unfortunate; sad; unfortunately
不吉bùjíunlucky; inauspicious; ominous
受不幸shòu bùxìngunlucky
晦气huìqìbad luck; unlucky; calamitous; wretched
生不逢时shēng bù féng shíborn at the wrong time (idiom); unlucky (esp. to complain about one's fate); born under an unlucky star; ahead of his time
触霉头chù méi tóuto have a stroke of bad luck; unlucky
倒灶dǎozàoto fall (from power); in decline; unlucky
huìdark; night; unlucky
bèithe back of a body or object; to turn one's back; to hide something from; to learn by heart; to recite from memory; unlucky (slang); hard of hearing
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