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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Not clear to the mind.
  2. Poorly stated or described.
  3. Not easily deciphered.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
Matching Results
不清楚bù qīngchuunclear; not understood; currently unknown
含混hánhùnvague; unclear; ambiguous
含糊不清hánhu bùqīngunclear; indistinct; ambiguous
不明显bùmíng xiǎnunclear
不明确bùmíng quèindefinite; unclear
含含糊糊hán hán húhu(of speech) obscure; unclear; (of actions) vague; ineffectual
méngindistinct; unclear; to deceive
未详wèixiángunknown; unclear
tánblack, dark; unclear; private
fánsight blurred; unclear; dim
mángvast, with no clear boundary; fig. hazy; indistinct; unclear; confused
hǒngsight blurred; obscure and dim; unclear
huàto look, an angry look; to look at some one angrily, sight blurred; obscure and dim; unclear
quánto glance; to wink, having one eye smaller than the other, one eyed, gazing into distance, sight blurred; obscure and dim; unclear
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