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二鬼子èr guǐzitraitor; collaborator with the enemy
叛逆者pànnì zhětraitor
国蠹guódùtraitor; public enemy
背叛者bèipàn zhětraitor
卖国贼màiguó zéitraitor
叛徒pàntútraitor; turncoat; rebel; renegade; insurgent
汉奸hànjiāntraitor (to China)
反水fǎnshuǐturncoat; traitor
叛贼pànzéirenegade; traitor
zéithief; traitor; wily; deceitful; evil; extremely
内鬼nèiguǐmole; spy; rat; traitor
jiānwicked; crafty; traitor; variant of
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