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yángrind fine; study; research
看书kànshūto read; to study
考查kǎocháinvestigate; study
jiù(corrupted form of ) to examine; to study; to investigate exhaustively
观摩guānmóto observe and emulate; to study (esp. following somebody's example)
念书niànshūto read; to study
读书dúshūto read a book; to study; to attend school
xuéto learn; to study; to imitate; science; -ology
niànto read; to study (a subject); to attend (a school); to read aloud; to miss (somebody); idea; remembrance; twenty (banker's anti-fraud numeral corresponding to 廿, 20)
to read; to study; reading of word (i.e. pronunciation), similar to 拼音
学习xuéxíto learn; to study
fēngto examine; to observe; to survey; to study
yán(same as U+7814 ) to rub; to grind; to powder, to go the very source; to study; to investigate; to research; to examine; to search into carefully
to split; to slash or rip open (by means of a knife), jewels or ornaments on a sword, to analyze; to study; to investigate
功课gōngkèhomework; assignment; task; classwork; lesson; study
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