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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Necessary or important, especially regarding food or commodities.
(名) As a noun
  1. A necessary commodity for which demand is constant.
  2. Paper fastener consisting of a short length of U-shaped wire that can fasten papers together.
  3. A short U-shaped wire nail for securing cables.
  4. Material suitable for manufacture or use or finishing.
  5. A natural fiber (raw cotton, wool, hemp, flax) that can be twisted to form yarn.
(动) As a verb
  1. Secure or fasten with a staple or staples.
Part of Speech(名) noun, (及物的动) transitive verb, (形) adjective
Matching Results
常用品chángyòng pǐneveryday implement; object of everyday use
原料yuánliàoraw material
订书钉dìngshū dīngstaple (stationery)
主要zhǔyàomain; principal; major; primary
重要zhòngyàoimportant; significant; major
名产míngchǎnstaple; name-brand product
订书针dìngshū zhēnstaple
钉书针dìng shū zhēnstaple; also written 订书针
订书dìngshūto staple
大宗dàzōnglarge amount; staple; influential family of long standing
主食zhǔshímain food; staple (rice and noodles)
dìngto join things together by fixing them in place at one or more points; to nail; to pin; to staple; to sew on
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