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Part of Speech(动) verb
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播种bōzhǒngto sow seeds; sowing; seed
撒播sǎbōto sow (seeds by scattering); scatter sowing
播撒bōsǎto sow (seeds); to scatter
母猪mǔzhūsow (female-hog)
shàsow; an aged sow
zhùsow, a small pig
, (Tw)to sow; to scatter; to spread; to broadcast
jiǎngto plow; to sow
to plant; to sow; to cultivate
mánkind of grains, to plant; to sow; to cultivate
chuàngto plant; to sow; to cultivate
corned beef; female pig; sow
pàiname of a stream in ancient times; in Danyang, to plant; to sow
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