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船舶chuánbóshipping; boats
启运qǐyùnto ship (goods)
航船hángchuánship (e.g. providing regular passenger service)
船方chuánfāngship (commerce)
装运zhuāngyùnto ship; shipment
船只chuánzhīship; boat; vessel
gāngboat; ship
hángboat; ship; craft; to navigate; to sail; to fly
sea-going vessels; ship
辇运niǎnyùn(literary) to transport; to ship
转运zhuǎnyùnto forward goods; to ship; to distribute; transshipment; a lucky break; change of fortune (for the better)
jìnboat; ship; vessel
boat; ship; vessel
wǎnboat; ship; vessel
轮船lúnchuánsteamship; steamer; ocean liner; ship
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