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(名) As a noun
  1. A harsh noise made by scraping.
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抓挠zhuānaoto scratch; to mess about with; to quarrel; to scramble to do; somebody or something that one can rely on
sāoto scratch; old variant of
搔痒sāoyǎngto scratch (an itch); to tickle
náoto scratch; to thwart; to yield
zhìto scratch; old variant of
浅耕qiǎngēngto scratch; shallow plowing
zhuāto scratch
刮伤guāshāngscratch (wound); scratch (damage to an object)
huáto cut; to slash; to scratch (cut into the surface of something); to strike (a match)
to clutch; to grab; to capture; to scratch
擦伤cāshāngto abrade; to scrape; to chafe; to graze; abrasion; friction burn; scratch
擦掠cālüèto brush against; to graze; to scratch
náomacaque (zoology); brisk and nimble; to scratch
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