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(形) As an adjective
  1. Subject to a ruling authority.
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法式fǎshìrule; method; model; French style
chéngrule; order; regulations; formula; journey; procedure; sequence; (Chinese surname)
宰制zǎizhìto rule; to dominate
柄政bǐngzhèngto rule; to be in power
wàngto rule; to reign over
zhunrule, guideline, standard
shanto rule
规章guīzhāngrule; regulation
尺子chǐzirule; ruler (measuring instrument)
规则guīzérule; regulation; rules and regulations
zhìto rule; to govern; to manage; to control; to harness (a river); to treat (a disease); to wipe out (a pest); to punish; to research
规律guīlǜrule (e.g. of science); law of behavior; regular pattern; rhythm; discipline
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