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Part of Speech(形) adjective
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静止jìngzhǐstill; immobile; static; stationary
xiūto rest; to stop doing something for a period of time; to cease; (imperative) don't; (Chinese surname)
休憩xiūqìto rest; to sleep
休止符xiūzhǐ fúrest (music)
to rest
安息ānxīto rest; to go to sleep; to rest in peace; (history) Parthia
to rest
歇手xiēshǒuto rest; to take a break
养神yǎngshénto rest; to recuperate; to regain composure
搁在gēzàito rest
休息一下xiūxi yīxiàto rest; to rest a while
xiēto rest; to take a break; to stop; to halt; a moment; a short while
息肩xījiān(literary) to put down one's burden; to rest; to stay (at an inn etc)
to perch; to rest (of birds); to dwell; to live; to stay
歇气xiēqìto have a break; to rest
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