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(名) As a noun
  1. The news as presented by reporters for newspapers or radio or television.
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报告bàogàoto inform; to report; to make known; report; speech; talk; lecture
汇报huìbàoto report; to give an account of; to collect information and report back
报请bàoqǐngto report, requesting approval; written request for instructions
禀告bǐnggàoto report (to one's superior)
禀报bǐngbàoto report (to one's superior)
报道说bàodào shuōto report (speaking)
报道集bàodào jíreport
下述报道xiàshù bàodàoreport
汇报一下huìbào yīxiàto report
举报jǔbàoto report (malefactors to the police); to denounce
检举jiǎnjǔto report (an offense to the authorities); to inform against somebody
申报shēnbàoto report (to the authorities); to declare (to customs)
报道bàodàoto report (news); report
nìngto tell; to inform; to report; to accuse
hào(interchangeable ) news; tidings; report; information; message
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