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交替jiāotìto replace; alternately; in turn
配补pèibǔto replace (something missing); to restore
顶替dǐngtìto replace
接替jiētìto replace; to take over (a position or post)
更换gēnghuànto replace (a worn-out tire etc); to change (one's address etc)
取代qǔdàito replace; to supersede; to supplant; (chemistry) substitution
代替dàitìto replace; to take the place of
倒替dǎotìto take turns (responsibility); to replace
掉换diàohuànto swap; to replace; to exchange; to change
顶让dǐngràngto sell (a business); to replace (somebody)
更动gēngdòngto change; to replace; to alter
替换tìhuànto exchange; to replace; to substitute for; to switch
替代tìdàito substitute for; to replace; to supersede
换置huànzhìto swap; to exchange; to transpose; to replace
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