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想起来xiǎng qilaito remember; to recall
结记jiéjìto remember; to concern oneself with
记住jìzhuto remember; to bear in mind; to learn by heart
nínto remember (old days, friends, etc.); to recall, (a pronoun, a dialect) this; these; such, here, without restriction; at will, to trust; to show good faith, weak, (ancient form ) to cook, you, (dialect) so; that, than, that case, that (indicating degree
记得jìdeto remember
记忆jìyìto remember; to recall; memory
rénto think of; to remember (someone), to read out aloud, loquacious, guttural sound, noise; uproar; turmoil
nínto think of; to remember (someone), to read out aloud, (same as U+46D8 )
diànto think of; to remember; to miss
liàn(non-classical form of ) (interchangeable ) to admire; to remember (old days, etc.), exquisite; fine, to obey; obedient; to comply, (same as ) to bind; binding, used in girl's name
to recollect; to remember; memory
牢记láojìto keep in mind; to remember
纪念jìniànto commemorate; to remember
默记mòjìto learn by heart; to commit to memory; to remember; to memorize in silence
to record; to note; to memorize; to remember; mark; sign; measure word for blows, kicks, shots
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