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估摸gūmoto reckon; to guess
忖思cǔnsīto reckon; to consider; to ponder; to estimate
思量sīliangto reckon; to consider; to turn over in one's mind
推想tuīxiǎngto reckon; to infer; to imagine
料度liàodùto reckon; to imagine
算计suànjito reckon; to calculate; to plan; to expect; to scheme
算帐suànzhàngto reckon (accounting); to balance an account; fig. to settle an account; to get one's revenge
思忖sīcǔnto ponder; to reckon; to turn something over in one's mind
数数shǔshùto count; to reckon
推算tuīsuànto calculate; to reckon; to extrapolate (in calculation)
估计gūjìto estimate; to reckon; (coll.) to suppose
打量dǎliangto size somebody up; to look somebody up and down; to take the measure of; to suppose; to reckon
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