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(形) As an adjective
  1. Covered with water.
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漫溢mànyìto overflow; to be brimming over
充溢chōngyìto overflow (with riches); replete
横流héngliúto overflow; transverse flow; to flow over; cross flow
横溢héngyìto overflow; brimming with
cénoverflow; rainwater; tearful
to overflow; (literary) excessive; old variant of
溢出yìchūto overflow; to spill over
tāooverflow; torrent-dash
yàngto overflow; to ripple; used in place names; see 漾濞
lànoverflowing; excessive; indiscriminate
shàto overflow; to spread
liàn(same as ) overflowing (water), the edge of a large body of water
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