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yānto inundate; to bury; to cover up; obscured; submerged
yīnvariant of
àoobscure; mysterious; Austria; Austrian; abbr. for 奥地利; Olympic; Olympics; abbr. for 奥林匹克
不明不白bùmíng bù báiobscure; dubious; shady
含含糊糊hán hán húhu(of speech) obscure; unclear; (of actions) vague; ineffectual
暗昧ànmèiobscure; remaining unenlightened
obscure; sun hidden by clouds
窈窈yǎoyǎoobscure; dusky; far and deep; profound; see also 杳杳
céngobscure; not bright; poor visibility, white; clear; bright; pure; plain
混淆hùnxiáoto obscure; to confuse; to mix up; to blur; to mislead
昧没mèimòveiled; obscure
ài(of daylight) dim; obscure; clandestine; dubious
混茫hùnmángdim; obscure
无名wúmíngnameless; obscure
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