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English Definition
(名) As a noun
  1. Wealth reckoned in terms of money.
  2. The most common medium of exchange; functions as legal tender.
  3. The official currency issued by a government or national bank.
Part of Speech(名) noun
Matching Results
zuómoney; currency and finances
guì(ancient form of ) money; wealth, natural endowment or gifts, to aid or help, to gamble; to bet, to compete
money; coins; currency; silk
cáimoney; wealth; riches; property; valuables
银子yínzimoney; silver
(water-beetle); money
财帛cáibówealth; money
银根yíngēnmoney market; money
huánancient unit of weight; money
钱财qiáncáiwealth; money
huògoods; money; commodity
业障yèzhàngkarmic hindrance (buddhism); karmic consequences that stand in the way of enlightenment; (term of abuse, especially toward the younger generation) devil spawn; (fig.) money
resources; capital; to provide; to supply; to support; money; expense
jīngold; chemical element Au; generic term for lustrous and ductile metals; money; golden; highly respected; one of the eight ancient musical instruments 八音; (Chinese surname); surname Kim (Korean); Jurchen Jin dynasty (1115-1234)
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