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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Reduced to liquid form by heating.
Part of Speech(形) adjective, (动) verb
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熔化rónghuàto melt (of ice, metals etc)
炽热chìrèred-hot; glowing; blazing; fig. passionate
铸造zhùzàoto cast (pour metal into a mold)
消融xiāoróngto melt (e.g. an icecap)
yángmolten; smelt
yángmolten; smelt
熔融róngróngto melt; to fuse
róngto melt; to thaw; to blend; to merge; to be in harmony
解冻jiědòngto melt; to thaw; to defrost; fig. to relax (repression, enmity etc)
销铄xiāoshuòto melt; to eliminate
méngto melt, to sell, to fling a lance or a spear; to brandish spears as if they were flying
xiāoto melt (metal); to cancel or annul; to sell; to spend; to fasten with a bolt; bolt or pin
溶化rónghuàto melt; to dissolve (of sugar etc)
融化rónghuàto melt; to thaw; to dissolve; to blend into; to combine; to fuse
融解róngjiěto melt; molten; fig. to understand thoroughly
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