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(形) As an adjective
  1. Provided with a worthy adversary or competitor.
  2. Going well together; possessing harmonizing qualities.
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取灯儿qǔ dēngr(dialect) match (for lighting fire)
to match; to pair
媲美pìměito match; is comparable with
搭调dādiàoto match; in tune; reasonable
相称xiāngchènto match; to suit; mutually compatible
相配人xiāngpèi rénmatch (couple); persons well suited for each other
相配xiāngpèito match; well-suited
相符xiāngfúto match; to tally
火柴huǒcháimatch (for lighting fire)
匹配pǐpèito mate or marry; to match; matching; compatible
to compare; to match; to equal
对抗赛duìkàng sàiduel; match; competition between paired opponents (e.g. sporting)
调协tiáoxiéto harmonize; to match
qiúcollect; to match
搭配dāpèito pair up; to match; to arrange in pairs; to add something into a group
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