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English Definition
(名) As a noun
  1. The activity of keeping something secret.
  2. The state of being hidden.
Part of Speech(名) noun
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隐匿yǐnnìto cover up; to hide; to conceal
隐藏之事yǐncáng zhī shìhiding
隐匿之所yǐnnì zhī suǒhiding
痛打tòngdǎto beat somebody soundly
yǎnto hide, to secrete, to repress; to bend
to hide
fèito hide; hideout
暗藏àncángto hide; to conceal
消隐xiāoyǐnto hide; to retreat into privacy
潜影qiányǐngto hide; latent image (in photography)
卧底wòdǐto hide (as an undercover agent); an insider (in a gang of thieves); a mole
藏踪cángzōngto hide
藏躲cángduǒto hide; to conceal
遮盖zhēgàito hide; to cover (one's tracks)
隐伏yǐnfúto hide; to lie low
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