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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Immoderately desirous of acquiring e.g. wealth.
(名) As a noun
  1. The act of gripping something firmly with the hands (or the tentacles).
  2. Understanding with difficulty.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
Matching Results
zhuāto grab; to catch; to arrest; to snatch; to take charge
zhuāto scratch
to hold; to grasp; to clench (one's fist); to master; classifier: a handful
贪婪tānlánavaricious; greedy; rapacious; insatiable; avid
bǐngto grasp; to hold; to maintain; (Chinese surname)
xuéto grasp
拿捏nániēto grasp; (dialect) affecting shyness; coy; to create difficulties
shǎnto grasp
拢攥lǒngzuànto grasp; to clutch
掌上zhǎngshàngto grasp
cāoto grasp; to hold; to operate; to manage; to control; to steer; to exercise; to drill (practice); to play; to speak (a language)
把握bǎwòto grasp (also fig.); to seize; to hold; assurance; certainty; sure (of the outcome)
掌握zhǎngwòto grasp (often fig.); to control; to seize (initiative, opportunity, destiny); to master; to know well; to understand something well and know how to use it; fluency
èto clutch; to grasp
zhíto execute (a plan); to grasp
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