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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Joined together into a whole.
Part of Speech(动) verb
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熔化rónghuàto melt (of ice, metals etc)
引线yǐnxiànfuse (for an explosive device); electrical lead; intermediary; catalyst; (dialect) sewing needle
导火管dǎo huǒ guǎnfuse
保险丝bǎoxiǎn sīfuse wire; (electrical) fuse
愈合yùhéto heal; to fuse
熔融róngróngto melt; to fuse
róngto smelt; to fuse; variant of
雷管léiguǎndetonator; fuse
léi(ancient form of U+9741 ) thunder, mine (an explosive); fuse
róngto smelt; to fuse
汇合huìhéconfluence; to converge; to join; to fuse; fusion
融会rónghuìto blend; to integrate; to amalgamate; to fuse
shuòbright; to melt; to fuse
融化rónghuàto melt; to thaw; to dissolve; to blend into; to combine; to fuse
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