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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Disappointingly unsuccessful.
Part of Speech(动) verb
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坎坷kǎnkěbumpy (of a road); rough (of life); to be down on one's luck; to be full of frustrations and dashed hopes
惘然wǎngránfrustrated; perplexed; irresolute; dazed
折挫zhécuòto frustrate; to inhibit; to make things difficult
烦冤fányuānfrustrated; agitated; distressed
失意shīyìdisappointed; frustrated
潦倒liáodǎodisappointed; frustrated; dejected
liáodejected; frustrated
惘然若失wǎngrán ruò shīlit. to be frustrated as though having lost something (idiom); fig. to be at a loss; perplexed; frustrated
zuò(same as ) to squat; to crouch, setback; defeat; failure; not doing well; disappointed; very discouraged; frustrated
失落shīluòto lose (something); to drop (something); to feel a sense of loss; frustrated; disappointment; loss
挫折cuòzhésetback; reverse; check; defeat; frustration; disappointment; to frustrate; to discourage; to set somebody back; to blunt; to subdue
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