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shēnto extend; to state; to explain; 9th earthly branch: 3-5 p.m., 7th solar month (7th August-7th September), year of the Monkey; ancient Chinese compass point: 240°; old name for Shanghai 上海; (Chinese surname)
努出nǔchūto extend; to push out (hands as a gesture); to pout (i.e. push out lips)
努劲儿nǔ jìnrto extend; to put forth
宽限kuānxiànto extend (a deadline etc)
延展yánzhǎnto extend; to stretch out; ductable; to scale; scalable
引申yǐnshēnto extend (the meaning of a word, an analogy etc); derivation
遍及biànjíto extend (everywhere)
伸出shēnchūto extend
扩展kuòzhǎnto extend; to expand; extension; expansion
延伸yánshēnto extend; to spread
蔓延mànyánto extend; to spread
推广tuīguǎngto extend; to spread; to popularize; generalization; promotion (of a product etc)
yánto prolong; to extend; to delay; (Chinese surname)
伸长shēnchángto stretch; to extend
展缓zhǎnhuǎnto postpone; to extend
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