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(形) As an adjective
  1. Drained of electric charge; discharged.
  2. Emptied or exhausted of (as by drawing off e.g. water or other liquid).
  3. Very tired.
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地漏dìlòudrain; underground drainpipe; floor gutter; 25th of 2nd lunar month
宣泄xuānxièto drain (by leading off water); to unburden oneself; to divulge; to leak a secret
引流yǐnliúto drain; (medicine) drainage
排水páishuǐto drain
排泄páixièto drain (factory waste etc); to excrete (urine, sweat etc)
流干liúgānto drain; to run dry
to drain; to strain; to decant
kuàidrain; stream
退水tuìshuǐto divert water; to drain
挤出jǐchūto squeeze out; to extrude; to drain; to find the time; to burst out
枯萎kūwěito wilt; to wither; wilted; withered; drained; enervated; exhausted
精疲力尽jīng pí lì jìnspirit weary, strength exhausted (idiom); spent; drained; washed out
精疲力竭jīng pí lì jiéspirit weary, strength exhausted (idiom); spent; drained; washed out
耗尽hàojìnto exhaust; to use up; to deplete; to drain
外流wàiliúoutflow; to flow out; to drain
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