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强拉qiǎnglāto drag (somebody) along (to a place); to yank
拉扯lāchěto drag; to pull; to raise a child (through difficulties); to help; to support; to drag in; to chat
拖行tuōxíngto drag; to tow
to drag; to haul
, (Tw)to drag; to pull
tuōto drag; to tow; to trail; to hang down; to mop (the floor); to delay; to drag on
to pull; to drag; to join together; oar
拖拽tuōyèto pull; to drag; to haul
拖曳tuōyèto pull; to drag; to haul
hénto pull; to drag; to stop
to pull; to drag; to earn (money)
(same as ) to take a rubbing of an inscription on stone, etc., (same as ) to pull; to drag; to hold, to beat; to strike; to attack, (same as ) to break; to destroy; to smash
kind of tree, a harrow; drag, a written contract or agreement; bond; deed, handles of spears or lances used in ancient times
阻力zǔlìresistance; drag
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