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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Manageable by a supervising agent.
  2. Having a specified direction.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
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指向zhǐxiàngto point towards; aimed at; facing; the direction indicated
定向dìngxiàngto orientate; directional; directed; orienteering
切身qièshēndirect; concerning oneself; personal
执导zhídǎoto direct (a film, play etc)
海选hǎixuǎndirect, winner-takes-all system of election in use for village committees; pre-selection for a competition
督导dūdǎoto direct; to oversee
导演dǎoyǎnto direct; director (film etc)
直接zhíjiēdirect; opposite: indirect 间接; immediate; directly; straightforward
dǒngto supervise; to direct; director; (Chinese surname)
指授zhǐshòuto instruct; to direct
huīto split; to direct; to brandish; humble
浅露qiǎnlùblunt; direct (i.e. not tactful)
直来直去zhí lái zhí qùgoing directly (without detour); (fig.) direct; straightforward (in one's manner or speech)
统率tǒngshuàito command; to direct
迳直jìngzhístraight; direct
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