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延搁yángēto delay; to procrastinate
拖宕tuōdàngto delay; to postpone
挨延áiyánto delay; to stretch out; to play for time
迟延chíyánto delay
迟滞chízhìdelay; procrastination
迟误chíwùto delay; to procrastinate
延期yánqīto delay; to extend; to postpone; to defer
延迟yánchíto delay; to postpone; to keep putting something off; to procrastinate; (computing) to lag
拖延tuōyánto delay; to put off; to procrastinate
耽误dānwuto delay; to hold up; to waste time; to interfere with
to impede; to delay; variant of
推宕tuīdàngto postpone; to delay; to put something off
缓办huǎnbànto postpone; to delay
dānto indulge in; to delay
耽搁dāngeto tarry; to delay; to stop over
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