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English Definition
(动) As a verb
  1. Deprive of by deceit.
Part of Speech(及物的动) transitive verb
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骗取piànqǔto gain by cheating
诈取zhàqǔto swindle; to defraud
剥夺bōduóto deprive; to expropriate; to strip (somebody of his property)
做手脚zuòshǒu jiǎoto defraud; to rig up (a scam)
诈领zhàlǐngto defraud; to obtain by fraud; to embezzle; fraudulent
诓骗kuāngpiànto defraud; to swindle
诈骗zhàpiànto defraud; to swindle; to blackmail
盗用dàoyòngto embezzle; to defraud; to use illegitimately; to misappropriate
作假zuòjiǎto counterfeit; to falsify; to cheat; to defraud; fraudulent; to behave affectedly
讹诈ézhàto extort under false pretenses; to blackmail; to bluff; to defraud
赚哄zuànhǒngto cheat; to hoodwink; to defraud
guàngan error; a blunder, to cheat; to swindle; to defraud, confused; deceit; to deceive
kēnghole; pit; tunnel; to defraud
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